Haim Sokol

(born 1973) lives in Moscow and Jerusalem.

He is a graduate of the Jewish University in Jerusalem and the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art. He works in installations and sculptural objects through which he addresses the drmatic social histories of Russia and Europe and its legacies of revolution and holocaust, departing from a mix of particular historical documents and literary allusions. More recently, he has turned to video art. He has had solo exhibitions at the M. and Yu. Guelman Gallery, Triumph Gallery and other galleries in Moscow. Sokol’s work was nominated and shortlisted for the two most important art prizes in Russia (the Innovation Award, Kandinsky Prize). He has participated in Mediation biennale (Poznan 2010), the Third Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art (2009), the II Biennial of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki (2009), the exhibition Russian Povera (Perm Museum of Modern Art, 2008) and other exhibitions.  

Auditorium Moscow will screen a program of new short videos by Haim Sokol, in which he becomes the melancholic observer of the sad and touching social details of urban life in Moscow.