Christian von Borries

(b. 1969) is a Swiss-born musician, conductor, composer, music producer, and film-maker.

He lives in Berlin. His work as a composer focuses on the use of remixing and recontextualization in the performance of music, an interest he has pursued in Remix Beethoven at the Lucerne Festival together with the Basel Sinfonietta and Pierre Henry, his version of Tannhaeuser for Nike Wagner‘s Kunstfest Weimar and a musical intervention in a supermarket for documenta 12 in Kassel, conceived together with Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann. In 2002 von Borries set up the music label Masse und Macht. In 2003 he started a new concert series named Psychogeographie (psychogeography) that added a fourth dimension - time and music, to buildings and spaces. Among them was the Palast der Republik (Palace of the Republic), the former GDR parliament, where more than ten years after its closure, Borries was the first entering the building with the Brandenburgische Staatsphilharmonie orchestra. More recently, von Borries has began working as a filmmaker. His debut The Dubai in me (2010), which has been shown in film festivals all over Europe, including the 21st Documentary Film Festival in Marseilles.

At Auditorium Moscow, Christian Von Borries will join students in a closed workshop to research Moscow’s soundscapes and their relation to the modeling of new distributions of wealth and power. The workshop will produce targeted audio interventions, whose documentation will result in a new collective work.