Aleksandra Galkina

(b. 1983) is a young Russian artist living in Moscow.

Her largely graphic work is dedicated to the analysis of the visuality of post-political consumer culture, its seriality and its quirks.  Galkina’s  work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Vitrina Gallery, ARTSTRELKA Cultural centre (Untitled, 2005), and State Tetryakov Gallery (Stensil, 2004). She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions at major art institutions like Zverev Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow (Pop/Art, 2002), Centro per l’arte contemporancea Luigi Pecci in Prato (Progressive Nostalgia, 2007) and Kunsthalle Fredericianum in Kassel (Collective Creativity, 2005). In 2010, she participated in Manifesta 8.